Your Success is Ours

Pioneer Technology would be nowhere without our customers. We thrive on successfully solving IT needs for them using the best technology and the optimal solutions available, not just selling a product or service with the best margins. See below for a few examples of Pioneer Technology assisting companies by implementing some or all of the managed services we offer. 


adaptive rehab

Adaptive Rehab was growing rapidly & expanding their unique rehab services model to long-term care locations across the country. They needed to ensure their rehab providers could maintain service levels even in areas with limited network connectivity. Pioneer Technology offered the agility & scalability needed to ensure a consistent customer experience.

Bishop Davies Nursing Center

Bishop Davies Nursing Center

It was very important to leadership at Bishop Davies Nursing Center to have a consistent IT experience to keep things running smoothly for their nursing facility teammates. See how Pioneer Technology got them up and running, fixing some IT service issues and providing top-notch service support from several states away. 

Foundations Health Solutions

Foundations Health Solutions

It can be easy for telecom costs and services to spiral out of control when there are many other projects going on. See how Pioneer Technology helped Foundations Health dramatically reduce their yearly telecom costs and improve their overall services so they could shift focus to more important IT initiatives.

Grace Healthcare logo

Grace Healthcare

When regulations and requirements increased, so did the need for technology. Pioneer Technology helped Grace manage their significant increase in data and devices, helping them focus on providing the best possible care to their patients rather than waiting on hold for 30 minutes with an IT service desk.