Case Study: Larimer | Shannon Group Relies on Pioneer Technology for Dependable IT Support & Services


Executive Summary

Larimer | Shannon Group, a building materials manufacturer’s representative, came to Pioneer Technology because they were in need of an IT partnership - not a vendor. They were experiencing issues with their existing provider and felt like they were trapped with a service that needed to be more flexible and scale with their company. They also had interest in how they could get rid of old hardware and stick a majority of their infrastructure and operational IT functions in the cloud. The resulting partnership has led to an increase in productivity and collaboration between their teams, afforded them new level of mobility, and better overall IT success.

About Larimer | Shannon Group

Larimer | Shannon Group has been around since 2003, working with products and systems associated with the commercial building industry. They are the commercial roofing representative for big brands like Johns Manville, Georgia-Pacific DensDeck, Green Roof Outfitters, Westile, and more. They work with architects, consultants, owners, and professional contractors to sell and market these brands throughout Georgia and Tennessee. They must know both the sales and marketing side of the business, as well as the technical applications of these solutions to ensure they bring value to their customers, the end users, as well as the brands they represent. Click to learn more:


There were a few immediate technical concerns when LSG initially approached us. They were dealing with poor Internet issues including speed, latency, stability, and a lack of redundancy. They had older hardware for network infrastructure, which needed to be replaced and managed including firewalls and access points. They were also very interested in moving to Office 365 for email, productivity, inter-office communication, and more. LSG was ready to move away from 3rd party hosted Microsoft Exchange-based email, a difficult to access company shared drive, and physical servers managed and controlled by unreachable entities outsourced from their previous MSP. And finally, their voice solution was okay, but they wanted something more feature-rich, scalable, and easier to manage call-routing while maintaining call quality.

How We Helped

Pioneer Technology worked with LSG to identify solutions to directly address their pain-points, which included an on-site needs assessment. Once we agreed to work together, we performed our on-boarding process to set expectations, create a schedule, and commence with deployment of our IT managed services, which included managed networks, managed desktops, managed cloud, and managed voice (specifically a pilot program for Skype’s replacement – Microsoft Teams PBX solution). We also assisted in setting up a new primary ISP and adding a secondary one for redundancy. We deployed these services in a few weeks, interacting professionally with the previous MSP, and had LSG up and running in the cloud quickly.


The results for the Larimer | Shannon Group team have been largely successful. They are utilizing the cloud to be a more efficient, better connected organization. They collaborate and communicate more effectively as a team. They do not have to worry about connectivity - their network is solid, secure, and redundant - and their overall IT support experience is improved. And most importantly, their data is their data and they are no longer at the mercy of a provider who can hold them hostage. They are liberated to grow and scale as needed to benefit their business operations.

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“Pioneer Technology has been an absolute breath of fresh air. They came in and listened first – then talked about where they shined, how it aligned with our needs, and also where they would be willing to try a new technology platform at our request – outlining risks but clearly demonstrating expertise in the field. They did not provide lip service and just say ‘yes’ to all our requests, neither did they come in and tell us what we wanted. In providing ongoing support they are available, responsive, friendly, and approachable. We are happy to call Pioneer Technology a business partner.”

Daniel Bayley, Director of Operations


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