Removing The Haze From The Public Cloud

The Cloud is one of the most important and ubiquitous trends in IT, and for good reason. Cloud helps you eliminate the hassle and cost of managing physical hardware, increases computing power at a fraction of the cost, and dramatically improves security. It also increases team productivity and convenient access to files and programs when on the go.

Cloud Agnostic

There are several public clouds: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, and more - they all have their strengths when compared to one another and depending on customer need. That's why we will work with them all depending on your IT requirements. It is increasingly true that companies use two or more cloud services rather than going all-in on one. 

Included in your Managed Cloud Services:

  • Public Cloud Management (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS cloud services)

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery using the Cloud

  • Hosting: Web, applications, etc.

  • SQL

  • Virtual Machines (VMs)

Pioneer Technology’s Private Managed Cloud

Private Cloud.png

Pioneer Technology also offers our own private hybrid cloud services. We have made a significant investment in our Tier-III data center architecture based on best practices for customers who are not quite ready for the public cloud but still want the inherent benefits of cloud technology.

Our Pioneer Managed Cloud is supported by VMware server virtualization, daily Veeam backups, Cisco Nexus core switches, HP Enterprise servers and Nimble storage, high availability, enterprise-grade firewalls from Barracuda, and more.

Services Available in Pioneer Managed Private Cloud:

  • Private Cloud Management

  • Hybrid Cloud Environments

  • Hosting: Web, applications, etc.

  • SQL

  • Storage, Backup, and DR

  • Virtual Machines (VMs)

If you are thinking about using the cloud or have made the decision to put some or all of your IT applications, storage, backups, and more in public or private clouds, contact us today!

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