Case Study: Significant Telecom Improvements for a Large Long-Term Care Management Firm

Executive Summary

Foundations Health Solutions, a large, long-term care management provider in Ohio, was experiencing common, but often overlooked issues with their telecommunications providers. After all, their business was focused on providing high quality services to support long-term care providers, not chasing down telecom bills and looking for service improvement opportunities.

They needed a consultative partner to identify potential cost savings and ensure they were receiving the best possible telecom service. After Pioneer provided Foundations with a Free Telecom Analysis we were able to identify significant cost savings and help them implement a complete telecom expense management (TEM) portal for managing invoices centrally and increased visibility.

Pioneer Technology is very proud of the results we were able to achieve for Foundations Health Solutions. 

About Foundations Health Solutions

"Founded by Brian Colleran, Foundations Health Solutions is Ohio’s premier long-term care management firm and Professional Employee Organization (PEO).  Formerly doing business as, Provider Services, our team of experts have more than 15 years of experience successfully supporting over 100 multifaceted long-term care facilities. Foundations partners together with Long-Term Care facilities to serve more than 8,000 residents and 10,000 employees daily in Ohio. Our organization can offer you a customized comprehensive portfolio of services to help you wade through the ever-changing world of long-term care, along with administrative, accounting, and payroll services." (


As with many companies, Foundation Health Solutions' telecom challenges were fairly common. For example, time and resources were constrained when compared to other priority projects and there was less expertise and knowledge of telecom management on staff. The tools they did have were not especially effective in tracking moves, additions, changes or disconnects with their telecom providers. Finally, Accounts Payable had set their bills to auto-pay - which meant there was little to no visibility of the actual bills coming in each month.

How We Helped

Every telecom-related engagement begins with a meeting to discuss a customer's priorities and challenges with telecom providers. (You can learn more about the telecom analysis here.) We matched our internal resources and our telecom vendor list with the needs of Foundations Health to achieve a successful partnership by:

  • Performing our FREE Telecom Audit

    • Customer provided a full month of invoices

    • Pioneer Technology created an accurate baseline of existing telecom services

    • Pioneer evaluated multiple options for Foundations to consolidate, reduce costs, and improve contract language and parameters

  • Instituting effective project management of telecom transition

  • Introducing a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solution provider to solve A/P limited resource issues

    • All invoices located on the TEM portal

    • Reporting and invoices highly visible

    • Assisting with monthly audit of service charges to maintain proper and accurate costs

    • Savings guaranteed to be more than the cost of the TEM

    • Useful for telecom, TV, and utilities


The most important outcome for this effort was a successful partnership based on creating value and maintaining trust. Pioneer also provided Foundations with Service Desk support for their telecom issues. As a result of the deep knowledge of telecom providers we bring to the table, we were able to greatly consolidate their telecom services - and save them over $550,000 annual savings in the process!  

The leadership at Foundations Health Solutions is sleeping better at night knowing their telecommunications services have been greatly optimized for price and performance, and they have a true, end-to-end partner in Pioneer Technology to help them manage this for them moving forward. 

Whether we offer a single managed service or all of them combined, we only succeed when we create awesome experiences for our customers. If this case study resonates with you and we can help, contact us today!


"Finally, I can rest easy knowing I am not overpaying for telecom services – or paying for services I am not even using. Pioneer is saving me a lot while also managing service issues that come up, including contract renewals. This allows my team to focus on more important IT projects. They have made telecom much easier!"

- Dan Parker, CEO


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