Case Study: Reliance Human Capital Management’s Search for an IT Partnership Leads Them to Pioneer Technology


Executive Summary

Reliance Human Capital Management, a technology-based disruptor in the human capital management space, needed an IT partner who could handle the technical IT needs of the company but who also focused on customer service. They wanted to find an IT company who could allow them to operate free of worry around IT functions, especially since they were growing at an aggressive pace year over year. With this increase in business, it became critical to create scale for many facets of their business operations. Pioneer Technology complimented this growth and used their high-quality IT managed services offering to keep them agile.

About Reliance HCM

“Reliance Human Capital Management delivers enterprise-class employer solutions to a multitude of businesses. Headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, Reliance serves employers both locally and nationally. At Reliance, we listen first to help understand your greatest HR needs. Each company we work with has a unique story relative to Benefits, Payroll and Human Resources.

With Employee Benefits often times representing an employer’s last line item behind payroll, it is imperative to come up with a long-term strategy to position the company for growth and success. With 35+ years of combined experience in the employee benefits arena, we contain the knowledge and skills necessary to execute the perfect benefits package you desire.

Reliance specializes in helping your company streamline its HR, Timekeeping and Payroll processes through technology and consulting. Our cloud-based platform allows you do just that. Our goal is to craft that specific solution that you’ve wanted and make it a reality. Technology that works for you – people who work with you. Human Capital technology backed by great people. One system, one interface, one employee record.

At Reliance we consider ourselves a modern technology benefits broker that offers experienced consultative insurance services, with a solid HRIS platform.” (


The first challenge around IT was to create a framework for consistent support when information technology stopped working or presented inefficiencies. If they had an IT support need, they wanted a clear place to go and specific timetables on when it would be addressed. Additionally, there were some technologies not being used and some additional services that were not the perfect fit – instead of configuring IT in a way that aligned with Reliance’s growth path and increased IT efficiency while keeping costs low. Individuals were having consistent technical issues with certain applications or programs which needed to be addressed. Ultimately, there was a feeling of general frustration around IT-related problems.

How We Helped

Reliance HCM, based on their own use and acceptance of cloud technology for their own applications and services, decided to go “all-in” on the cloud, including using Office 365, Azure Active Directory, Single Sign-On, and more. They also deployed our Barracuda managed network solution, and we took over management of their desktops and other devices. We introduced them to our responsive Service Desk team and created a communication pathway for them to submit tickets. This allowed them to focus less on IT headaches and more on their core business. They now have confidence that their IT issues are being handled quickly and effectively, often resolved in the first call.


This partnership has been very successful in establishing a tailored IT solution that works for the Reliance team. They received a partner who would be responsive to their needs and communicate, but also one that allowed them to maintain focus on continuing to grow their business in the HR industry. They successfully adopted a heavily cloud-first IT model, with a focus on usability and scalability. Information technology is now an empowerment tool and is actively adding value to the business. Additionally, we continue to find ways to work together and deepen the partnership, which is a positive win for both parties.

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“The decision to work with Pioneer Technology has been fantastic for Reliance HCM. They are a pleasure to work with. Similarly, they are very quick when it comes to response time, relative to customer service. As a rapidly growing company, we need partners that are able to scale and keep up with our growth. This is one of the many reasons why we chose to work with Pioneer Technology for our managed IT services.”

- Jack Silberman, CEO


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