Pioneer Technology’s IT Optimization Assessment 

The Pioneer Technology IT Optimization Assessment is designed to be a simple but effective process for gathering information about your current IT environment so we can determine current performance and recommend a specific plan of action to improve solutions or remediate potential IT issues you may currently have, as well as create a scalable IT strategy for your company as you continue to change and grow.

Our assessment captures information within the following operational areas of IT, including high to medium-level discovery and cost analysis for each section:

  • Core Administrative Functions - includes day-to-day operational IT functions like licensing, devices, anti-virus, printers, PCs, and more

  • Email Services - Existing email platform(s), security, and archiving

  • Infrastructure - cloud, data center, LAN, WAN, servers, and wireless

  • Support Services - metrics tracking, ticketing system, ticket volumes

  • Staffing - culture, customer satisfaction, skills and talents, and work loads

  • Telecom - audit of existing services for voice, data, wireless, phones, etc. and bill consolidation

  • Call Center - review of current state, required center features, and on-premise vs. cloud

A small snippet of the IT Optimization Assessment Tool

A small snippet of the IT Optimization Assessment Tool


Process & Objectives

Our process includes collecting information in these categories, creating an individual Optimization Score per category, plus an overall Average Optimization Score. We then provide Explanations and Reasoning, followed by a specific set of Recommendations with action items assigned as needed for improvements. This assessment will be a high level study of key IT areas, with targeted actions for making improvements.

The overall objective of this engagement is to determine the Optimization Score for your current IT systems and setup, and create a detailed list of recommendations with specific actions where appropriate or required. We will also identify Costs throughout the process as available and include opportunities for savings, or establish needs for additional investments and include this in the delivered report.

Abridged version of the IT Optimization Assessment Process

Abridged version of the IT Optimization Assessment Process

Pricing Structure

The total price of an Optimization Assessment depends on the complexity of your current systems and networks in place today. Generally speaking, these assessments will require buckets of hours ranging from 20 hours to 80 hours (or more in some cases). To simplify, we will have an initial complimentary call or in-person meeting to quickly assess needs at a high level and make recommendations for a bucket of hours to suggest. The cost is this suggested number of hours multiplied by our hourly rate of $150.

The deliverables for this project are:

  • Information Gathering

  • On-Site Assessment

  • Optimization Score Chart

  • Detailed Assessment Report

The requirements for each customer are:

  • Dedicated contacts and facility/systems access for the duration of the assessment process

  • Thorough, accurate information to the best of your team’s ability

Next Steps

Upon completion and delivery of the assessment, it should be clear to you that Pioneer Technology has gained a thorough understanding of your needs. If you are satisfied with the results, we will propose a path to move forward for your business using professional services or managed services.

  • Professional Services - a limited engagement where we diagnose, setup, and execute IT services limited in a scope set by the customer. Includes training, configuration, and a definitive hand-off to the customer.

  • Managed Services - We will manage some or all IT systems and processes for a 3-5 year contracted time period. These may include some professional services as well. Includes 24/7 Service Desk support.

Pioneer Technology looks forward to the opportunity to assist you, and we make it our mission to focus on making recommendations for professional and/or managed services based on customer fit and need, not by only using certain products or vendors. Moving forward with an Optimization Assessment in no way obligates you to invest in professional or managed services beyond the cost of the assessment. However, if you choose to move forward with a professional services or managed services agreement with Pioneer Technology, we will credit you 50% of your assessment fee towards your one-time or monthly invoice!


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