Case Study: Adaptive Rehab's Rapid Growth Leads to a Scalable IT Partnership with Pioneer Technology


Executive Summary

Adaptive Rehab, a post-acute rehab care provider, was experiencing technical issues with over a dozen newly acquired rehab locations in various regions around the United States. Pioneer Technology offered Adaptive Rehab network and telecom services, adding scalability and agility that met their needs and assisted their existing IT team when additional resources were required during these acquisitions. A successful partnership has been created that has directly impacted business value and the quality of care Adaptive Rehab provides. Their systems can work at peak performance and full connectivity, and they can continue to aggressively expand their rehab footprint.

About Adaptive Rehab

Adaptive Rehab serves skilled nursing facilities across the country, offering rehab services "combining best-practice operations with innovative business flexibility" to increase overall value to their customers. They are fast-paced, agile, and focused on clearly demonstrating the value they provide, as well as meeting compliance, addressing healthcare payments, and improving quality of care. They needed IT support that could compliment their overall service outcomes, and they needed to be able to spin up quickly and efficiently as they continue to grow and expand at several new facility locations each month.


Adaptive Rehab was experiencing network connectivity issues at multiple locations, especially at their more geographically remote facilities. Their business model is different than other rehab service providers, so they were running into somewhat uncommon technological issues as a result. If their rehab teams had issues accessing Internet, data, software applications, and more, the overall experience would be likely to suffer. More importantly, Adaptive's rehab model depends on high-performing yet cost-effective service, which can become difficult to achieve if and when technical issues occur.

How We Helped

Adaptive Rehab selected over a dozen sites for Pioneer Technology to assist in quickly on-boarding telecom services and improving the locations' overall IT experience. This project was a combination of facilitating services for Managed Telecom while also implementing Managed Network technology from Barracuda to ensure connectivity, signal strength, and more. We also provide Service Desk support for these locations, while proactively monitoring and reporting issues before they become more significant.


Because of the partnership with Pioneer Technology, Adaptive Rehab has experienced a significant improvement to overall performance and scalability at the selected locations we manage. These rehab locations have the access they need to maintain service quality, and both Adaptive Rehab and Pioneer Technology have continued to develop the partnership, adding more locations and services as customer needs arise and as expansion continues to new rehab locations.

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"We are very satisfied with the managed services relationship we have with Pioneer Technology. They have acted as an extension of Adaptive Rehab and allowed us to continue our national expansion as we add new locations while reducing our technology concerns in the process. They’ve been a great Managed IT partner!"

- Danielle Box, President & CEO


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