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Expert Financial & Accounting Services Made Simple

Pioneer Consulting offers complete financial consulting and management services for long-term care and other industries. The team includes highly trained and qualified financial and accounting executives and professionals who are well versed in specialized billing and financial acumen. The three main areas of focus are:

Managed Billing

1) Medicare Part A, including Co-Insurance

2) Medicate Part B, Including Co-Insurance

3) Managed Care

4) Medicaid

  • Handling of initial claims generation and filing

  • Following up with claims to ensure acceptance and processing

  • Correcting errors and re-submitting

  • Posting remittance advices when payment received

  • Filing co-insurance as applicable

  • Writing-off and assembling Medicare bad debt

  • Preparing cost report information to provide to firm for submission

Managed Financials

  • Treasury

    • Banking Account Monitoring

    • A/P Releases Based on Cash Forecast

    • Preparing ACH and Releasing as Needed

  • Financial Statement Preparation

    • Full G/L Financial Preparation (Software available for an additional fee)

    • Audit Coordination with CPA Firms as Needed

    • Coordinate Budgets with Operations

    • Home Office Financials and Cost Reports

    • Coordinate with Payroll Company as Needed

Managed Accounts Payable

  • Processing Incoming Invoices

  • Checks Cut & Mailed

  • Reconciliation of Statements with Vendors

  • Handle All Vendor Calls

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Why You Should Choose Pioneer Consulting

Ultimately, we provide value to your long-term care organization by partnering with you to manage multi-faceted billing and financial tasks & objectives. We deeply understand the industry, we care about its success, and we want to ensure that our service quality helps you focus on providing quality care. By choosing a managed services approach to finance and accounting, you will have one contact point, one vendor to manage, and one place to go when you need help or consulting services. Additionally, you will have open access to seasoned LTPAC executive consultation around planning for your organization’s financial future.

Additionally, if you have needs for more capabilities in information technology, because we are a sister company of Pioneer Technology with deep roots in long-term care, we can offer the combined value and consistent customer experience of Managed Financial + Managed IT Services under one roof. Contact us today if you require financial and accounting management that is robust, yet cost-efficient.

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