Team TSI and Pioneer Technology Announce Strategic Partnership to Improve Software & Services for Long-Term Care

Team TSI and Pioneer Technology Strategic Partnership

[ALBERTVILLE, Ala.] [CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.] Furthering our commitment and dedication to being Data Focused, Customer Driven, Team TSI is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with Pioneer Technology, a top-tier managed IT services provider committed to providing a consistent and repeatable framework for nursing home IT.

With its robust portfolio of innovative, professional, and quality IT managed services, Pioneer Technology helps long-term care organizations traverse the complexities of modern IT through a true, end-to-end business partnership.

The industry is constantly changing to adapt and integrate technology, and this requires a company that is responsive, flexible and often customized IT and data analytics solutions. With this new partnership, our clients will now have an opportunity to improve their telecommunication services, reduce their overall IT cost, save staff time, have access to experts within the IT and technology field, and alongside Team TSI’s analytics expertise and Pioneer Technology’s IT prowess, our clients will be able to consolidate services, reduce cost and in some cases, reduce cost significantly on their technology and IT needs.

“We are really looking forward to this partnership,” said Adam Lloyd, CEO of Pioneer Technology. “We have worked hard to generate an IT model that works well for long-term care facilities, and we are confident that partnering with a key player like Team TSI will dramatically improve both our services.”

“Pioneer Technology has a deep knowledge and expertise in managed IT services, which should prove to be extremely valuable for our current and future customers,” said Andrew Porch, CEO of Team TSI. “This partnership aligns with our core strategy on many fronts and can help provide our mutual customers with greater insight to make more informed decisions and increase quality of care.”

About Pioneer Technology

Pioneer Technology provides innovative, professional, and quality IT management services including telecommunications, networks, security, IT infrastructure, cloud services, desktop and devices, and service desk support for long-term care providers across the country.

About Team TSI

Team TSI provides data analytics services to long-term care organizations. We are passionate about staying at the forefront of technology and data analytics to ensure that our clients have the information they need – how and when they need it. Team TSI has been dedicated to providing focused data, driven by customer needs, since 1991.