A Special Place in Our Hearts: Long Term Care and Senior Living


Let us first make it clear – Pioneer Technology is an end-to-end managed services provider for the IT requirements of almost any industry that has needs for high-performing and cost-effective managed IT solutions.

That being said, we are particularly fond of the long-term care industry because it has been a major part of who we are as a company and of the culture we have created here. You may have read our story, but we wanted to take the time to expand on this idea and what it means to us. Why it’s important.

Facility Visits for All New Hires

All new hires at Pioneer Technology participate in a guided tour of one of the facilities for which we provide managed services. We do not do this to show them the technical side of things, although it is covered along the way. We do this for a pretty simple reason: this facility represents an opportunity for us to be more than just an IT company. It gives our new teammates a chance to see nurses, staff, and administrators as they do their best to provide a caring and comfortable environment for loved ones. We are keenly aware that a lot of companies look at IT as a cost-center, but for our customers, we feel strongly about our opportunity to deliver a seamless and consistent IT experience so they can focus on providing quality care. Nurses, staff, or administrators should be able to focus on their important work without wondering whether their IT systems, point-of-care devices, PCs, networks, and more are working, as well as HIPAA compliance considerations. Even worse, being on hold for 15 to 30 minutes or more when residents require care is unacceptable, but all too common with many IT providers. This tour helps new teammates develop an understanding and perspective on the importance of what we do every day, and shows that it can truly have an impact on the lives of those involved with long-term care and senior living facilities. I went on this tour when I came to Pioneer Technology, and I can tell you the experience was emotional and meaningful to me. It gave me a sense of pride and reminded me that our work was needed and important.

Partnerships Are Key

We also align with key partners in the industry who understand the motivation behind our connection to and support of long-term care. We work with people like American Healthtech and Team TSI who devote their business almost entirely to this industry. They pour their hearts and souls into LTC organizations, and this energy is infectious. These partnerships increase our ability to provide end-to-end solutions that can dramatically impact the quality of care LTPAC facilities provide to their residents.


For us, the long-term care and senior living industry is well beyond a set of customers. They represent our mission and provide a source of inspiration for who we want to be as a company. They even influence how and who we hire to join our team. So, while we do provide services to many industries with the same level of attention, dedication, and thoroughness – we will always think of long-term care a little bit differently. How has long-term care impacted you or your loved ones? Let us know! -EB