Techie Tips: How to Create a Quick Tutorial

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How often do you need to train a new employee on a fairly simple task? Fortunately, Windows has a simple, built-in method for creating a step-by-step tutorial quickly.

Select the “Start” icon in the lower left corner of the screen (Windows icon on Windows 10), type psr.exe and press 'Enter'. You should see a tool in the menu pop up called the “Problem Steps Recorder”. It looks like the below example:

psrexe image.PNG

Select the “Start Record” icon.  Then you can simply perform the task you want to train someone else on how to do. After finishing the task, click the “Stop Record” icon.

This will open up the screen recorder file showing you all the steps that you just recorded. You can go to any step in the file, type in more details, or perform other markups as desired. When you are finished, select the “Save” icon and give the file a name.

You now have a file you can send to your coworker to train them on simple tasks.

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