Hub + Spoke IT Methodology – What Does It Really Mean?

Pioneer Technology created the Hub + Spoke IT Methodology™ for one simple reason. We wanted a visual way to represent how we approach all IT conversations with our customers and partners.

Wagon Wheel versus Pioneer Hub + Spoke IT Wheel

If you think about a pioneer wagon’s wheel, the ‘hub’ is obviously the central piece of the wheel. In our Hub + Spoke analogy, the hub represents you: a valued customer. We have adapted a repeatable IT model so you are always the center of our process, our conversations, and our focus. If we recommend a solution or service to assist your IT department, we are doing so for two reasons: we want you to be successful as an organization and we would use the same solution if we were in your position.

To continue the analogy, the ‘spokes’ represent the services we offer. Each service must be a great fit for your organization or the wheel’s construction will produce a lopsided and uneven result. Our goal as a managed services partner is to optimize your IT wagon wheel so you are rolling forward efficiently without one service that is too much for your needs while another is insufficient (this would include total capabilities, cost versus ROI, and other factors).

Pioneer Technology’s process is designed to work with one spoke or all of them combined. However, and importantly, if we do not work with you along the whole wheel, we nonetheless strive to learn your IT infrastructure and systems, as well as your overall needs so we can make the best recommendations when you need us. Ultimately, the process more easily identifies the sections and parts of your IT that are deficient or overpowered, and allows for a move toward "IT equilibrium".

If we can help you on your IT journey and introduce you to our Hub + Spoke IT Process, please contact us to get started.