An Industry Near and Dear to Our Hearts

Pioneer Technology is dedicated to long-term care and senior living organization's IT because they are an integral part of who we are. We were created from the IT team of a large long-term care provider after our leadership identified an opportunity to recreate what had been done in IT for this organization and deliver it to the greater industry. 

We passionately believe this industry can be made better by the services we provide, especially when long-term care IT is working at its very best and most cost-effective, so you can focus on your core competency of caring for our loved ones.

Your organization will benefit from our focus on offering specialized IT Managed Services for long-term care & senior living for the following critical reasons:

Understanding the Industry - We deeply understand this industry because we have participated in it for a decade. Prior to becoming our CEO, Adam Lloyd was the CIO of a long-term care provider for many years. Many of our hires have previous healthcare industry experience.

HIPAA Compliance - Pioneer Technology is fully HIPAA compliant and tailors our services and solutions to our customers' HIPAA compliance requirements. All employees undergo HIPAA training as per requirements of the law.

Your Focus Stays on Providing Quality Care, Not Juggling IT Issues - Because we have an understanding of the work you do, we also know you do not have much time to deal with IT issues. We strive to reduce the amount of issues you experience in the first place, but focus on First Call Resolutions (FCR) when you do. 

We Truly Care About the Industry's Success - Not just about the quality of your IT service, but about your nurses, administrators, care providers, and patients. We have been directly impacted by this important industry and want to see it succeed and flourish.

Click here to read about the value we have provided to long-term care and senior living care providers!

Supportive Partnerships in the Long-Term Care Industry

Pioneer Technology has worked to cultivate relationships in the industry of companies that understand and support the business needs of senior care providers. Much like us, our partners live and breathe long-term care, and this means more compassion, more understanding, and more dedication to positive outcomes for our healthcare customers around IT services. 

CPSI/American HealthTech is a software partner for us. They deliver solutions for long-term care providers to operate their business from a financial and clinical point of view. These solutions address business needs for upper management, administration, clinical services, office management, IT, and more. Learn more about CPSI/AHT here

Team TSI provides data analytics services to long-term care organizations. We are passionate about staying at the forefront of technology and data analytics to ensure that our clients have the information they need – how and when they need it. Team TSI has been dedicated to providing focused data, driven by customer needs, since 1991. For more information, click here

Pioneer Solution, Inc. (coincidental name similarity!) is a leading U.S.-based manufacturer and designer of medical-grade mobile computing devices in the healthcare industry. Click to learn more.

DC BLOX is our data center provider, and a business partner as well. Their data center is efficient, fast, and high-performing. And they are focused on providing data center services to vastly under-served markets around the country. You can learn more about our partnership with DC BLOX here.

Lovo Solutions, LLC provides engineering, design, and administration of low-voltage cabling infrastructure for healthcare facilities. Lovo provides solutions for data centers, campuses, hospitals, senior living facilities, and more. Click here to learn more.


We encourage you to speak with our industry professionals about a FREE consultation so we can gain an understanding of your specific IT needs and make best-practice recommendations for success as we have had supporting other long-term care and senior living organizations throughout our history as an IT managed services provider and value-add partner.

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