What is the Hub + Spoke IT Methodology™?

Hub + Spoke IT Wheel

The Hub + Spoke IT Methodology™, visually based on an old pioneer covered wagon's wheel, describes our high-level IT partnership approach and how we address your IT needs.

Whether we are providing telecom services, managed services, infrastructure, and more - the central focus will always be the "hub" = YOU, the customer.

Think of the wagon wheel visual as a baseline for how Pioneer Technology approaches all IT conversations and consultations to ensure our services fit your specific needs. We recognize we may not always be the sole IT provider for every service you utilize, but we strive to ensure that what we offer you (the spokes) fits your exact requirements and represents the best solutions for software, hardware, and technology.

We aim to keep your business rolling along smoothly in your day-to-day operations, fully empowering your IT organization. And each of our services always keeps the focus on security and service desk support!

If you would like to be the 'hub' and let us be your IT 'spokes', contact us today!

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