Case Study: Pioneer Technology Assists a Large Financial Services Company with Implementing Advanced, Cost-Effective SD-WAN for over 100 Branch Locations


This customer (“Financial Services Company”) has asked to remain anonymous, but we gained permission to describe the overall project and its successful business outcomes to benefit future customers looking to implement SD-WAN technologies at multiple locations.


Executive Summary

We recently deployed VeloCloud SD-WAN for a customer of ours in the financial services industry with over 100 branches across much of the Eastern U.S. They needed to address bandwidth issues at all locations, but especially their remote branches so their teammates could provide quality service over the phone or in person. In order to effectively execute on this project, we partnered with VeloCloud, as this was our first major, multi-location deployment of their products. As a result of this partnership and project, bandwidth issues were largely mitigated if not completely removed thanks to the advanced SD-WAN functionality provided by VeloCloud.


Financial Services Company was experiencing voice quality issues at multiple branches, especially in areas where the available circuits were poor quality. They required a solution that would effectively address their significant call quality issues, while also being easy to configure, manage, and monitor. Cost was certainly a factor as well - the solution needed to address the quality issues sufficiently, but without considerably increasing costs due to the sheer number of locations requiring service improvement. Specifically, the challenges they faced included:

  • Poor single Internet circuit quality, due to the ISPs themselves or remoteness of locations

  • Voice traffic was not being prioritized, so even if the circuit was acceptable, voice quality could suffer

  • There was little to no monitoring/reporting in place which made it difficult to pinpoint issues

  • Financial Services Company was paying for circuits that essentially did not meet their technical needs

Example of Financial Services Company’s poor Internet quality

Example of Financial Services Company’s poor Internet quality

How We Helped

Pioneer Technology already provided Managed Voice (3CX) phone service and Managed Network services for this customer at all branches, so we felt a deep ownership over the call quality, even if our existing service was not the direct cause. We began this project with an R&D effort around VeloCloud and a few other solutions to ensure the technology would fit their voice quality and prioritization requirements as well as considerations for cost. Once selected, we partnered with VeloCloud to create a Proof of Concept at 5 locations in various geographies with different Internet Service Providers to gain a solid understanding of exactly how VeloCloud would “repair” the circuit via “Forward Error Correction” and improve/prioritize voice traffic and clarity. More specifically, this project involved the following:

  • We consulted with and made recommendations for Financial Services Company on potential SD-WAN solutions

  • Upon selection of VeloCloud, we created a Proof of Concept to deploy VeloCloud at strategic locations

  • We installed VeloCloud hardware and configuration onsite at these locations

  • We performed advanced testing with various scenarios to ensure VeloCloud was performing as advertised

  • Upon successful completion of the VeloCloud PoC, we have also provided project management, deployment, and configuration services to ensure successful implementation at the remaining 100+ branch locations

  • We implemented seamless 4G LTE failover in the event of a total outage

  • We will be co-managing this service via Managed Network Services on behalf of the customer

  • Financial Services Company now has the ability to monitor circuits to see quality before and after VeloCloud, with a clear and positive impact to their business and end-users

Example of a repaired circuit with secondary backup showing overall VeloCloud Quality Score (VQS) of 9.87 out of 10.

Example of a repaired circuit with secondary backup showing overall VeloCloud Quality Score (VQS) of 9.87 out of 10.


After installation of VeloCloud, the results were immediately clear - through the power and technological ability of the hardware in place at each branch, mixed with the software and back-end developed by VeloCloud (now backed and supported by VMware), this customer has an advanced, but highly cost-effective solution for prioritizing voice traffic and has implemented a true SD-WAN solution in a highly cost-effective way. They’ve gained much deeper visibility into the quality of their circuits in real-time, and for the circuits that are under-performing, they are being actively “healed” by the network solutions we co-manage with them. Due to the active monitoring and management abilities of this solution, we are now able to hold ISPs accountable for their service quality and dramatically cut down time to improve voice and network service for this customer.

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